What's next?

My ideas to improve the site

I am always trying to improve and to keep myself updated. In order to do so, and to demonstrate it, I decided to write here my ideas to improve my site.

They'll be in an unordered list, so I can keep some flexiblity in this project. If there's any feedback or suggestions, I'll appreciate if you could reach out to me.

  • Last updated18th, January 2022

What I want to improve/modify to this site?

  • Redo my form
  • Redo the photos showcasing my projects
  • A toast popup to appear when the submission is a success

What I want to add to this site?

  • A blog
  • Codecademy projects
  • FreeCodeCamp projects
  • Other projects that I've done
  • What technologies I am currently using
  • In mobile, when slide right to left, the sidebar/menu will show